‚ÄčThe Central Kansas Landlords Association was formed over 40 years ago. We are members of The Associated Landlords of Kansas, a state landlords association. TALK has a lobbyist and $20 of our dues goes to pay him.

Our dues are $50 per year. For this you receive a disk with forms, the Kansas Landlord Tenants Act and more. We send out a BOLO to all the members when a 3 day Notice, 14/30 Notice is served on a tenant or other important information.

Do you know what to do when a tenant does not pay?

Do you know how the Americans With Disibilities Act effects you.

What is a "service animal" Can you charge a pet fee or pet rent? What is a "comfort animal"?

What are the protected class renters? What can happen if you violate this federal law.

Did you know the court could force you to give a tenant that owes you thousands of dollars one and a half times their deposit if you fail to ________?

Come join us and find out.

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