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Central Kansas Landlords Association

Hutchinson, Kansas​

Come join us and see what we are all about. We meet on the third Monday at:

6:30 Social Hour, 7:00 Meeting

The Kansas Buffet

​1526 East 17th

Hutchinson, Ks

Richard Greever, President



Why should you belong?

There are 7,000 rentals and 250 landlords in Hutchinson.

Individually we have no voice with the city commission. Together we have a loud voice

Come join us

Do you know how to advertise on Zillow and other free sites? We have located a site that will do credit and background checks and charge the cost to the applicant, accept payment direct to your checking account and more.

The BOLOs we send after serving a three day notice have saved several of us from accepting a bad tenant.

​Want to know more? Contact me.